A Guide to Playing Boule on an iPad for Players

Boule is a French style game that is very similar to the classic roulette game. It does however have a higher house edge but it is a less complex game. The word itself translates from French to mean ball and just like roulette, the game consists of a ball spinning around a wheel until it lands in a pocket to reveal the outcome. If the specific pocket matches a bet the result is favourable and produces a winner.

Having always been a popular game in France, its popularity has grown around the world as it has become more accessible since the advent of online casino games. With iPad boule being available for players owning an iPad, the game has become even more popular and accessible to play.

Learning How to Play the Game

Players who are yet to be familiar with the rules of the game have the opportunity to play iPad boule for free before switching over to the real money games.

iPad boule is considered to be a simpler game than roulette. Betting options are however quite similar with bets being placed on either a single number; specific colour; all the odd numbers; all of the even numbers; consecutive low numbers and consecutive high numbers. Bets can be placed immediately as the betting table is prominently displayed when the game is opened on the iPad.

iPad boule itself consists of a wheel and a ball. The wheel contains numbers one to nine, organised consecutively four times around the wheel of 36 pockets. The pockets are coloured in red; yellow or black.

The yellow pocket is for the number five which has the similar function to the zero or double zero pocket in roulette. The number five pocket is also laced around the wheel four times which gives additional chances of the ball landing in it.

Instant Access to iPad Boule

iPad boule is available at many mobile casinos but, as with any casino games being played online, it is important to play at the most reputable casinos to get the safest experience. The top mobile casinos offering boule for iPad will have the better quality games that provide the most compatible games. The wheel and betting table are displayed on the screen and all of the functions needed are a click away.

Playing on an iPad means downloading applications that are most suitable for the device or even in some instances playing the game directly in the web browser. Either way the best online casinos for Canadians offer iPad players a good range of bonuses and banking methods to get started on playing boule for real money.

Strategy and the Betting Options

Just like roulette, the game relies mostly on luck and requires little skill or strategy to play. Some of the betting options have better odds that others but all in all it is the luck of where the ball lands in the wheel that determines the outcome. In order to play by a better strategy it should be noted which numbers or colours come up more often.

Safer bets are betting on the larger groups of numbers like the odds, evens or a specific colour but there is a higher pay out for winning on the single number bets.