Free Online Casino Pokies at a Glance

Playing Free Online Casino Pokies

Pokies is an Australian slang term that refers to slot machine games found in casinos and other establishments. The term originates from Poker Machines, and over the years has been shortened to Pokies. Free online pokies are found in the virtual world of internet casinos, and have attracted many players from all over Australia, both because of the massive variety available and their fun nature. These games do not require real money to play them; they are played with free money only.

There are many online casinos who have dedicated themselves purely to free online pokies. These have become so popular in fact that software developers are creating new games and recreating old ones into online pokies format as we speak.

The Aim of Pokies

The aim when playing pokies is simple. A player at must spin the reels to land three or more identical symbols in a row. These are generally counted from left to right, but some free online pokies can run right to left or even diagonal. Once the player has landed three or more identical symbols in a row, he will either win a payout or a jackpot depending on how much the particular symbols are worth.

Kinds of Pokies

There are two main types of free online pokies available. The first is the more traditional three reel pokies, which would have not been out of place on the Vegas Strip in the 1970’s. These generally have only three reels and one payline. Simple symbols like Fruits, sevens and bars are found mostly and these are very easy to play with no added extras. The second kind of pokies are Five reel or Video Pokies. These are much more complex with up to 50 reels. Symbols can run from left to right, right to left or even diagonal. Often these pokies have extras such as bonus rounds, free spins, and special symbols. The general symbols found in these pokies can be from movies, stories or pretty much anything and are often animated and very complex. These Pokies are more intricate to play, but also a lot more fun.

Kinds of Pokies

How to Play Free Online Pokies

Free Online pokies are available to Australian players via two main formats. The first is downloadable apps for your smart device or tablet and the second is via online websites that do not require downloading. The apps are found in your app store, or can be searched for online via your web browser.

The online websites can also be searched for via your web browser but work a bit differently to the apps, namely you have to log into them each and every time that you wish to play your free online pokies. Once you have found the format that works best for you, you will then choose an app or an online casino that hosts the kind of pokies that you wish to play. Since these pokies are free, you will not be required to send proof of identity or to choose a banking option. Beware of free sites that claim that you have to do either of these things. You will however be required to create an account. Once your account is created you will now have access to the world of free online pokies.