Muse Slot

Art, Literature and Music with Muse Slot

Inspiration has always taken on many forms. For the individual, for the group, the society and the world inspiration has motivated and driven people to great and impressive lengths. Another group that requires inspiration is the online game developers who have to design and create the games players want to play.

NetEnt is one of these groups and has been developing games for years. With that level of experience in the field, especially toward slot games, any game they create gains interesting first on the name of the developer. Muse online slot is one such game at mobile gambling South Africa and while it may be on the topic of inspiration it is clear that this slot definitely required some of its own to create.

What Muse Slot Brings to the Reels

With the various arts in mind, literature, music and of course art itself, Muse slot game has taken a focus toward the Ancient Greek culture and history and how it pertains to these arts. However the translation of this takes a slightly more comical and childish tone and the USA players will find the reels and theme to be boldly pink in color and light and fun in style and approach.

The graphics are done in a cartoon style and the accompanying characters, embodiments of the three arts, look as if they’ve stepped out of a Disney film but the gameplay is interactive and the bonuses present enough to keep players interested despite the enthusiastic animation.

Muse Online Slot Game Play Basics

Fundamentally this is a 5 reel and 25 pay lines slot game. Whilst the coin denominations are fairly broad this game has locked the number of active lines at 25 so players don’t have the wide range of betting options of some other games. However in the base game there are several small wins that can be picked up and some of the jackpots in this game go particularly high up the ladder.

The symbols to look out for in Muse Slot apart from the basic symbols like the paint palette, grapes, harp or lyre and quill and parchment are the wild symbols and the scatter symbols. These triggers the two bonus features in this game which can turn ordinary spins it seriously exciting ones.

The wild symbol in this Slot is one of the more diverse and lucrative wilds in slot games. When a wild appears on the reels it has the ability to swap and become another symbol besides the scatter to form wins. However apart from this the wild also triggers in three different possible ways. Firstly it could become a sticky wild where it remains on the reels for another turn as a wild, carrying the advantage forward for another spin. Secondly it could trigger as a multiplier, so when part of a winning combination it doubles the pay out win. Third and perhaps foremost is the expanding wild, which spreads across the whole reel it lands on making for many more winning possibilities. The only negative on the wilds is that they only appear on reels 2 to 4. The scatter symbol awards free spins when 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels. 3 scatter symbols awards 10, 4 awards 20 and 5 rewards 30 free spins. These can be stacked.

Muse slots game can offer players a chance to win a large payout, as the jackpot is a whopping 590 000 coins.