Your Guide to iPhone Online Boule

Boule Casino Game

Boule has an interesting history, arriving on the casino scene in around 1923. This may seem like a game that has been around for a long time, but since other casino games have existed since the sixteen hundreds, it’s clear that boule is a young game to say the least. It was originally referred to as the poor mans roulette, which was due to two reasons.

First, boule is obviously very similar to roulette, using a wheel, numbered pockets and a betting table. Second, when boule first became popular it was played only for very small bets as a rule, leading people to say it was only for those who did not have much money. Of course, in modern times boule is certainly not exclusively for those who prefer small bets.

In general boule is by no means as popular as roulette, and many will not even recognise it by its name, but it is fast becoming a much more popular game with the recent release of iPhone online boule. Applications are available now for download directly from the Apple iStore, and the game is available to play for free or real money. You may also access the game directly via your phone’s internet browser.

Boule Versus Roulette

At first glance a person may assume that boule is identical to roulette such as at Microgaming casinos, until they notice that a boule wheel has numbers only from one to nine, repeated twice. They will also notice that there are no zero pockets. So what makes boule an appealing game?

For starters, betting on any one number in boule has a rather generous payout value of one to seven, plus the initial stake. This means that if you bet ten dollars on a single number, and win, you will get back eighty dollars. This is certainly not something to be sneezed at, especially when you consider that there are two of each number, and both payout the same. A player has, effectively, twice the chances on winning a bet placed on a single number as roulette.

A closer look at the betting table will reveal a number of other combination betting options, much like in roulette, meaning that a player may use a strategic betting system to minimise losses and maximise wins. So what about the house edge? This is again where boule deviates from roulette. There may be no zero pockets, but the five pocket acts in much the same way. The two five pockets in boule are not included in the other combination bets, meaning that they are almost always a loss for the player. Note that all the above mentioned rules are likewise used in the iPhone online boule versions of the game.

Boule Versus Roulette

Strategic iPhone Online Boule

iPhone online boule is best approached strategically. Betting all ones chips on a single number may be appealing, but it is best to spread around a few bets. Place a large bet on your lucky number, plus a few smaller bets on combination options. In this fashion, if your lucky number is not landed you my at least get some money back, which will keep you in the green for longer.

When eventually your lucky number does come up, it should give a large win that puts you into decent profits territory. There are many online guides for the game; read a few before committing your money to a game.