A Guide to Playing Online Roulette for New Players

Perhaps the secret to the unprecedented, worldwide popularity of roulette is that it is a very easy game to learn how to play, not requiring years of skill and experience like some other games do. Another factor is that its pace can be decided by the player, with turbo speeds available for those who wish to speed up the game and a more relaxed pace for those who like to take their time. There are further many variations available, all of which are available to players from the United Kingdom, so you can spice things up even when you’ve been playing it for a while.

Variants of Roulette

The main variations include American, French and European roulette, but there are not massive differences between the games, and, when you’ve mastered one, you will be more than capable of holding your own in another. Online roulette games provide for a couple of extra variations, often teamed with side bets that can have you winning huge progressive jackpots or larger than usual payouts, and have livened up the betting process online no end.

American roulette is the only variation that has two zeros added onto the wheel and betting table, a 0 and a 00. European roulette features only one 0, and French roulette is the closest to the original game that grew in popularity in Monte Carlo so long ago. This variant features slightly different rules, very advantageous to the player, on the even money wagers.

Free and Real Money Roulette

For players new to the game of roulette, or just new to enjoying it by means of the internet, there are a multitude of free games on offer with which to play roulette online. There are sometimes specific sections on websites for novices to learn the rules, hints, strategies and tips in the company of other newcomers, and the learning can be conducted at an incredibly easy pace, with none of the pressure of real money games.

The best thing about enjoying this game online is that you are able to take advantage of detailed guides on improving your game, many of which are available at the very casino you will be playing. The rules are very simple to learn, and by far the best way of doing this is by getting into a game as soon as you can and playing until you start feeling more confident.

Simple to Learn

The concept ruling roulette is simple. A wheel, ball and betting surface make up the equipment required, with the wheel comprised of pockets numbered from 0 to 36 in the French and European versions, 0 to 38 in the American.  The wheel is then spun virtually one way, the ball in the opposite direction, and, when the wheel and ball eventually come to a halt a winning number is revealed by the ball landing in one of the red or black slots. Your bets will be based on which number, colour, or group of numbers the ball will eventually land on, and there is a good variety to choose from.

Choose from inside, outside and call bets, with varying degrees of the probability of success and the value of the payouts. Once you’re comfortable with these simple rules and have committed a few of the bet options to memory you will be well on your way toward enjoying the game regularly, and can take part whenever you like.