Learn More About Short-Term Poker Strategies

Video poker provides the best odds for casino players. It is a good option to slot machines because you get a chance to minimize house edge with a little effort. You can take advantage of the odds, with the right machine and correct strategy.

Playing on slot machines and video poker is similar. There is no one watching you and you don’t have to contend with fellow players or pit bosses. They may comment or scrutinize your play. The only difference between both is if you play video poker with strategy, you can consistently win.

To enjoy the good odds, you need to learn proper strategies. A guess game can easily make things bad than wit slots. For learning the game plan, the first thing that you should know is to understand the kind of hands that always come in handy in the game.

Hand that should be Held

Holding hands or hand to be held refers to the first five cards that are provided to you, when the game begins. Experts always suggest giving extra importance to the top listed hands in the chart.

Cards Held

This includes the total number of cards that you retain before discarding the unwanted ones.

Cards Drawn

When you get your hands on the first five cards, you will retain the necessary ones and give away the unwanted ones. Cards drawn, as the name says are the new cards that you take.

Some jargons

Here are some of the terms that can help you with understanding the game rules.

Nothing: If you cannot make a suit from the first five cards, then it is automatically understood that the cards dealt are nothing (cannot be paired up in any possible way).

High and Low: These terms are used to describe such cards that come above or below the position of a Jack. In the video poker Ace, Queen and King are referred to as high cards whereas the numbers 2 to 10 are considered as low cards.

One High Card: If you have an Ace or a King in the first five cards, then it is referred to as One High Card.

Royal Flush: If you are lucky enough, then you will get to put the royal cards back together in a sequence. The high card Ace of Spades takes the first place followed by King, Queen, Jack and finally number 10. Royal Flush has higher value when compared with any other suit.

The numbers such as two high cards, three high cards, etc, continues with the number of high cards that you hold.

Strategies to Win the Game

  • If you get not-so-good start such as no royal cards in the first five deals, then you can drop them and take five new cards.
  • When your first five cards consist of the series of Royal Flush, you can automatically discard the last one even if makes a pair with any of the other four.
  • If the five cards consist of low pair or only one high card, then you can go with the idea of collecting the other three cards to make a royal flush. This game strategy is also known as Three to a Royal Flush and works well when you cannot make a match of Three of a Kind, Royal Flush, High Pair, etc, from the first five pieces.

If you know the types of flushes that are exclusively meant in game, then nothing can stop you from deciding and using the right strategy, from the time the cards are dealt to you.