An Extensive Look at Ultimate Super Reels Slot Online

Ultimate Super Reels Slot Online

Ultimate Super Reels online slot is a classically themed fruit machine style game from iSoftBet. The colourful slot has a unique system where you can activate two additional reels by making higher wagers each spin.

Ultimate Super Reels slot on the web features three basic reels, but there is a 4th reel that awards you instant cash prizes of up to 1000 coins and a 5th multiplier reel that will award an up to 10x win multiplier.

There are 5 pay lines spread across the 3 standard reels. To activate the 4th reel, a wager of between 10 and 15 coins is required. To activate all 5 reels you must wager the maximum bet of 15 coins. Coin values start at 0.01 but can be raised to 0.50 per coin.

If this isn’t enough, you also stand a chance to win a 4000 coin jackpot or the Ultimate Super Reels Super Progressive Jackpot.

Ultimate Super Reels Pay Table

The reel symbols feature a colourful selection of fruit machine icons. Bar’s and Lucky 7s appear on the reels and award prizes of up to 4000 coins. Pay outs increase if you wager more than 9 coins on each spin. You must line up 3 symbols on one of the 5 pay lines for a win.

Ultimate Super Reels Instant Win Reels

There are three basic reels along with two additional Super Reels to the right. The first set of Super Reels is the Instant win reels. To activate the Ultimate Super Reels instant win reels, wagers must be placed of between 10 and 15 coins.

Whenever you spin the standard reels, this additional reel will spin as well. The symbols that appear feature a 50, 150, 750 and 1000 coin symbols. Land a winning combination on the first three reels that lines up with one of these symbols and you will be awarded that instant win prize.

Ultimate Super Reels Internet Slot

Ultimate Super Reels Multiplier Reels

Like in some machines at, there is a fifth reel in Ultimate Super Reels online slot. This reel is activated when you make the maximum available wager of 15 coins. Wagering 15 coins will activate both the instant prize reel as well as the multiplier reel.

To win the Ultimate Super Reels multiplier prize, a winning combination must land on the first three reels and line up with a prize symbol on the fifth reel. There is a 2x, 5x and 10x multiplier that can be won with these reels. Additionally this slot also features a re-spin.

The re-spin symbol can also be fund on the 5th reel amongst all the multipliers. The re-spin symbol will award you with 5 free spins if it lands lined up with a winning combination. More free spins can be awarded if the re-spin symbol appears on the 5th reel again.

Ultimate Super Reels Super Progressive Jackpot

Ultimate Super Reels has a giant progressive jackpot that can be won by lining up the correct symbols. You will need 3 game logo symbols lined up on the standard reels, with a 1000 coin prize symbol on the 4th reel and a 10x multiplier on the fifth reel.