Genies Touch Online Slot at a Glance

Genies Touch Online Slot

Designed and created by Quickspin Software, Genies Touch slot is an online video slots featuring 20 paylines and 5 reels. The game contains Arabian themes, with some symbols being portrayed by a magic lamp, a princess, a wise man, as well as others. Along with the aesthetics, Genies Touch slot features an Arabian soundtrack that adds to the general theme.

Genies Touch Slot Layout

As with most traditional video slots, simplicity is key, and Genies Touch slot is no different. The first thing a player will notice is various buttons laid out across the screen. The biggest, found on the far right, is the spin button. This is the button players can use to manually begin spinning the reels. Left of the spin button is the autospin button, where players can choose the number of times they would like the reels to spin for automatically, racking up combinations as the game progresses. Next are the betting options, where players can choose how much they wish to wager. Every spin will cost a minimum of 1 out of the balance, and raising the amount wagered can mean big returns if a winning combination is landed.

Finally, there is a small information button that brings out a display, allowing players to learn about the different rules of the game. Below this, an options menu is present, with some basic settings available.

Genies Touch Slot Layout

How Genies Touch Slot Works

Experienced online casino slots players will be extremely familiar with the gameplay of Genies Touch slot. Newcomers need not fear, as learning to play Genies Touch slot is quick and easy. Firstly, a bet is made, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 100.  The returns received from landing a win is multiplied by the amount the player bets before the game starts.

Once a bet has been made, using the spin or autospin buttons will begin the game, where the reels will spin until coming to a stop in random positions. Depending on the symbols that land once the reels have finished spinning, certain combinations may be achieved. The better the combination, the higher the win. The values of the symbols, as well as the different combinations available can be viewed on the information screen.

Genies Touch Slot Extras

Genies Touch Slot, as with many other video slots at, offers special gameplay extras. Wild cards are one, and are special symbols that can provide a substitute for all other symbols in the game apart from the bonus scatter symbol.

Another bonus included in Genies Touch slot is the magic lamp. This is a special symbol that grants the player the Genies Touch feature once three magic lamps land during a session of gameplay. This special feature, once activated, will select a number of adjacent symbols on the screen, and other symbols on the screen will be changed to match the symbol selected by the feature, meaning a huge bonus win.

Lastly, landing three bonus scatter symbols during a round will award the player with ten free spins.

Genies Touch Slot Summed Up

With smooth gameplay, a pleasing aesthetic, and simple mechanics, Genies Touch slot is one of the many classic online video slots.