Casino Hold’em in Detail

The NetEnt range of online casino table games, called the Professional Series, provides the optimal way to enjoy casino table games. Casino Hold’em poker, just like NetEnt’s Texas Hold’em Pro, this game is based on the original and incredibly popular Texas Hold’em poker, but with an extra game feature.

Casino Hold’em uses the same poker hands and is based on the same 7 card system of game play, of which 5 cards are community cards. Casino Hold’em is more complex, and not only has a unique extra bonus betting option but also a different pay table.

Poker Card Combinations

The card combinations in Casino Hold’em poker are straightforward, and in ascending order of value are; one pair, which is two cards of the same value, and two pairs, a double pair of cards. This is followed by a three of a kind, namely three of the same valued card. The next on the list is called a straight, which is five cards in chronological order.

Then follows a flush, which is five cards of the same suit. Next is the full house, which is both a three of a kind and a pair.

Then, four of a kind and finally the variety of straight flushes, which is five chronologically, ordered cards of the same suit. The ultimate, and top hand in all online pokies NZ, and in this case Casino Hold’em poker is the Royal flush which is a straight flush with the five highest cards in the game, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten.

Playing Casino Hold’em at a NetEnt Casino

A game of Casino Hold’em poker at a Netent Casino Hold’em poker table is initiated by placing an ante bet. At the same time, the player needs to decide whether to also place a bet on the AA bonus bet feature. This means placing a bet on having a pair of Aces or better when combining the 2 player’s cards with the first 3 community cards, also known as the flop. Should this occur, the bonus win pays according to the amount wagered, and from a pair of aces to a straight rewards the player with 7 to 1 odds, and a flush or higher wins at a 25 to 1 rate.

The cards in Casino Hold’em poker are dealt out of a standard 52 cards deck. And after the ante and AA bets are placed, each player receives 2 cards. The player now needs to decide whether to fold or place a bet on the Call. When the Call bet has been placed, the two remaining community cards, known at the turn and river cards are dealt. Immediately then the showdown takes place; the two dealer cards are revealed, the poker hands are compared and the winner is determined.

The All-Important Winnings

Casino Hold’em also has a differentiated pay table that pays out the ante bet according to the rank of the winning poker hand. The so-called ante winnings pay from a flush at 2 to 1 to a Royal flush at 100 to 1. A full house pays 3 to 1. At the showdown, the dealer needs to qualify by having at least a pair of 4s or better. Should the dealer not quality, the player wins only the ante bet according to the pay table.

Netent Casino Hold’em has a comparatively high return to player percentage of 98,75%. Various individual game settings can be adjusted as required, and the overall design of the game is based on Netent’s patented 3D casino design.