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Handball is a sport that has the most popularity in Europe, specifically in Germany. It is a fast paced, action packed game that has a high scoring average, with teams managing as many as 35 goals in a single game. The sport is commonly referred to as a “high impact” game; given that body contact is allowed between attacking and defending players. Injuries are common, and the aggressive nature of the game is part of the reason it has gained so much popularity.

In terms of rules, handball has two teams of seven, six players and one goalkeeper, facing off in a court that is normally indoors. Some outdoor courts do exist, but are far less common. The aim of the game is for players to manipulate a ball with their hands, passing and throwing the ball to one another, until getting the ball past the goalkeeper and into the goal. Kicking the ball is strictly prohibited in handball, with penalties enforced if a player does so. One of the more interesting aspects of handball is that players are very fluid in their positions, and may move about the court freely at all times.

Handball History

Handball is a fairly new sport in comparison to other sports, having been officially around only since the early 1900s. The first rulebook was published in 1917, and has undergone many revisions since. The game appeared in the Olympic Games or the first time in 1936, and was met with a good amount of interest from spectators. Since then the sport has seem some gain in interest, but remains popular only in specific parts of the world. The Far East and South America have playing teams, as well as some ports of North Africa.

Being centralised in Europe, the area has held many of the records and championships for the vast majority of the time the handball has been around. It is only recently that other countries have started to make a notable showing in the championships, with Brazil winning a title in 2014. Some have remarked that it is sport completely dominated by continental Europe, but if recent trends continue this is likely to change very soon.

Rewarding Handball Betting

Being considered a more niche sport, not all online betting NZ bookmakers have options for handball. If wanting to place a bet on a handball game you may have to look round at various bookmakers, or request that handball be added via the customer support centre. Be sure to browse the website via navigation options to see sports that are not featured on the homepage.

Betting on handball is the same in nature as all other sports, with fixed odds given to teams that are participating in a match. Keep in mind that some matches may have handicap rules applied, depending on which teams are playing. Handicap rules are used as a way to keep matches interesting, reducing the overwhelming advantage that may be held by one team. Carefully consider a handicap match rules before placing a bet. It is a good idea to research the playing records of a team in advance.