Casinos Are Using Tech To Weed Out Cheats Casinos are about a balancing of odds. Losing sight of the balance can bankrupt the entire operation, but by the same token, leaning those same odds too far in the direction of the casino being the only party to really benefit, can cost an operator millions in players lost. And so, its absolutely crucial for casinos to reward those players who are serious about winning in ways that are fair and within reasonable limits, and to weed out the cheaters and the shameless vagabonds looking to spoil the experience for everyone.

Advancements made in technology have made the latter side of the job a great deal more efficient and today, casinos are relying more heavily on tech to get rid of cheaters than what was ever possible before.

NORA Software

Criminals who do manage to get away with millions without being caught are often in some way or another related to dealers and other members of staff. Which is why its crucially important for a casino to understand what are referred to in the industry as “non-obvious relationships”.

But since its impossible to keep track of every last relationship, friendship or even acquaintance present within the context of the casino, its players, and its staff, the industry soon realised that it needed help.

Enter NORA – short for Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness Software. NORA is a perfectly nifty computer program designed to sift through the casino’s existing databases in search of suspicious transactions, details about known or suspected cheaters, or any player or member of staff the system may at any point in the past have tagged for suspicious behaviour, however small or unlikely. NORA basically looks for common ground. And needless to say, it’s a system known to have weeded out several scoundrels in the recent past.

Facial Recognition Tech

Also referred to as Biometric Face Recognition technology, facial recognition software enables the casino to scan every person entering onto its premises. In the event that a “match” is registered, the casino is able to determine exactly why the “matched” individual managed to activate the alarms and red lights.

Facial recognition systems are nowadays linked across several big-name brands. What this means is that a player caught counting cards at a casino in Las Vegas, can be instantly tagged as known card counter by a casino in, say, Atlantic City.

It used to be that card counters and other scammers, once caught at one casino, would simply leave and do the same at a casino on the other end of town. Facial recognition technology changed all of that.

Angel Eye

The Angel Eye card-tracking system has got to be one of the niftiest casino-security systems ever invented. Angel Eye works by marking each playing card with a special marker in the form of a unique barcode. The barcode is obviously invisible so that it cannot be detected.

A special sensor keeps track of every card changing hands, and in the event that a barcode-less card is detected, the casino is instantly made aware that sleight-of-hand or other card-swopping shenanigans might be at play.