Easiest Bets To Make In Roulette

Roulette is the one of the most popular casino games in the world for good reason. It has fast rounds, potentially high payouts, and is mostly easy to understand. Or at least it is easy to understand if you stick to the simpler betting options.

Some of the betting options can be confusing, resulting in beginners being slightly intimidated. But if you stick to the straightforward bets, you can have hours of fun while still understanding exactly what’s going on.

Keep in mind though, just because these are simple betting options, it doesn’t mean that they don’t also payout reasonably well. Most of them, anyway.

Black And Red

Betting on black or red is an option that many lean towards. The prospect is simple; you can put your money on all the red numbers, or all the black numbers. This gives you a just under 50% chance, 48.60% to be precise, of doubling your money. Not a 50/50 chance? No, this percentage takes into account that the 0 pocket isn’t red or black. Though this percentage is also from European roulette, and not American, which offers a better chance of winning.

The red and black betting option is a ton of fun, and many beginners will stick here for a long time before moving on to slightly more complicated options.

Odd And Evens

The odds of winning on the odds or even bet are identical to those of the red and black bet; 48.60%. They are essentially the same bet, just presented via a different name. Though yes, the bets are still just as fun, and can be enjoyed for hours.

Low And High

Another bet with a 48.60% chance of winning, presented in a new and interesting way. Any of these bets are identical in terms of odds.

Single Number

If you’re really feeling lucky, and we mean really, really lucky, you can bet on a single lucky number. You’re much more likely to get a win out of one of the above bets, but throwing caution to the wind can sometimes be a real hoot. It is as easy as putting your bet on a number, and waiting for the outcome. The payouts of winning are huge; 35 to 1.

What are the chances of winning on a single number bet? Just 2.7%. You might think this is completely not worth your time, but it just so happens that most use this bet in combination with another bet.

Why not make a red or black bet, and also put a bet on a lucky number? Or more than one lucky number? It will increase the potential of coming out with some cash, while keeping the possibility open for a big lucky number win. Combination bets of this kind are what make roulette such an interesting experience.

Betting Strategy

Now that you have a rough idea of some easy bets, why not look up a betting guide or strategy? These guides help get the most out of your roulette sessions, and are generally very easy to follow. Remember; understanding odds is key to being better at casino games.