How Online Gaming Increases Productivity

An industry and pastime once regarded a not-so-productive biding of the time is today recognised as psychologically exceptionally beneficial. That’s right, we’re referring to online gaming. That’s online gambling games, online video games, Esports – the works.

Card games, in particular, have long been acknowledged and recognised as super-effective at improving every from concentration to memory. Card games have been proven to significantly lower stress levels, improving analytical and math skills, and even bettering time-management skills.

Here are just some of the ways in which online games are beneficial to players.

Gaming Relieves Stress

Online card games, in particular, are now officially recognised has having a major influence on our cortisol levels. Cortisol is of course one of the top-dogs for causing stress in the human body, and online gaming entertainment has proved effective at lowering the levels of the hormone by up to 17%.

And in addition to helping players relax and unwind, online card games are often cited as a remedy of choice for relaxing and increasing overall happiness after a long and tiring day at work.

They’re Great For Skills

Not only do online games improve hand-eye coordination in general, but they’re also known to improve memory skills and concentration capacity. Not to mention online being a well-known improver of players’ analytical skills overall.

Any game involving money and strategy immediately ups the paying-attention and concentration ante. And so online Poker and online Blackjack are champions at developing mental skills.

They Promote Interaction

In a time for antisocial behaviour and loneliness, online games promote interaction with others. Think online Bingo and live casino games for example. Often equipped with a chat function, players can easily interact with others who enjoy the same games that they do. That’s an immediate social icebreaker and connection point right there.

Connecting with others in this manner is especially helpful to introverts or even to the socially awkward. It provides players with a certain anonymity and the liberty to only reveal about themselves that which they are comfortable showing to others. Countless players cite online gaming as their number 1 favourite way of allowing themselves to be “seen” by others.

They Promote Communication

By learning to communicate with others over a medium that makes them feel as if they’re completely in control, the introverted and even the shy are finally able to relax and simply be themselves.

This more often than not leads them down a path of incredible self-discovery. Also, the experience of winning at games and being able to develop skills at a personally comfortable pace, instills confidence in the introverted player. This, in turn, helps the introvert to approach life and work in a much more positive way. Players often report having suddenly realised that they have more to offer to others and to society as a whole than what they initially assumed.

Gaming essentially allows people to let their hair down whilst all the while being developed in a fun and engaging way.