Quick Tips for New Bettors

Australians love sport and there is nothing more exciting than placing a bet.  Sports betting has been around for as long as there have been sports.  People have been betting on the outcome of sports for many years and although the way punters place bets has changed the basic principle is the same.  Pick a winner and place a bet and if the bet is successful there is a payout. Sports betting is quite simple and this is the reason why it is very popular.  There are some aspects of sports betting that are a bit more complex, but for beginners having the basics is enough to get started.

Don’t Always Bet on the Favourite

Australians all have their favourite to win, but betting on the favourite is not always the best bet to place.  Punters are very often biased towards a particular team and place bets out of loyalty to them.  They should not let their judgement be clouded, but look at the stats and make a well-informed decision using logic and knowledge.  Their favourite team may not necessarily be the best team and placing a bet on a team that has little chance of winning will result in disappointment.

Choose Specific Markets

It is always a good idea to bet on specific markets as the odds are usually in the punters favour which means a larger payout.  An example would be betting on the amount of runs scored in a cricket match or placing a bet on a football match and trying to predict which player will score the first goal.

Be Knowledgeable

Punters should look at placing a bet on a sport that they are familiar with and are knowledgeable on the sport.  If punters know nothing about the sport they are betting on then they really are just guessing and guessing does not always have a good outcome.  Punters who are serious about sports betting will do research on the sport.  The internet contains a wealth of information which makes it possible for punters to keep up to date with the latest happenings of the team and other events that could possibly affect the outcome of a game.

Understanding the Odds

For Australian punters understanding how the odds work is an important factor.  Odds are used to work out how much a punter will win and these odds will determine the amount of the payout.  The higher the odds the more the payout.  The odds will also determine the probability of an outcome and the more probable the outcome, the lower the odds.  Before placing a bet punters should compare the odds at various sportsbooks and pick the one with the best odds. This will help increase the bankroll over a long term.  The internet has many sites which can assist punters in comparing odds.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Many Australian sports betting sites will offer bonuses, usually for the big sporting events.  These bonuses are offered to new punters as well as the old ones.  Bonuses and promotions will come in many forms and each book maker will try to outdo the other.  They are a great way to increase the bankroll.

Sports betting NZ is a great pastime and can be a profitable one as well if punters take advantage of some expert tips and advice