Novelty Wagers Explained

Novelty betting is a relatively new type of bet and has increased in popularity because of online betting.    Novelty bets can be found at almost every sports betting site and some of these wagers attract large amounts of money.  People usually look at novelty wagers as fun and do not take them as seriously as other types of bets and these bets do not usually attract professional punters.  Novelty bets are also called proposition bets, special bets, alternative or non-sports wagers.

Types of Novelty Bets

Novelty wagers are exactly the same as other sports bets as punters are predicting the outcome of an event which means that Australian punters can place single or multiple wagers.

Most novelty wagers placed by Australians are outright wagers and punters bet on the outcome of an event.  Almost every bookie will have outright wagers which make this market very competitive.  An example would be betting on the outcome of the US or UK political elections or who the winner of the Oscar will be.  Punters should also look around for the best offers when placing outright wagers.

Novelty wagers can also be placed for a win or a place.  These types of wagers are usually placed on TV competitions like Big Brother or MasterChef which means that bookies will offer multiple places for outright winners.  Australian punters should shop around for the amount of places as well as the best odds.

Australian punters will also be able to place multiple novelty bets.  It should be possible for them to combine a novelty bet with any other type of bet.  Punters can choose to bet on who the overall winner of X Factor will be combined with the winner of the Liverpool Arsenal game, for example.  Just a note for punters that multiple bets have capped payout limits.

Popular Award Ceremonies

Popular with Australian punters are wagers which can be placed on film awards such as the Oscars.  Most of the bookies will feature these wagers which means the odds are usually very similar.  Some bookies will offer a range of wagers to do with these awards and punters will have to look around for bets such as who the best costume designer will be.  Some bookies will also feature wagers on the worst actor or film.  Other wagers along these lines also include bets such as who will play the next James Bond.

Current Affairs

Most people will keep up to date with current affairs and this type of bet includes the next Nobel Peace winner, the next Pope and many other bets.  This is a popular type of novelty wager as punters often get to present wagers to the bookies who will then feature them on their site.  These wagers do not usually have good payouts but are fun nonetheless.

Political Bets

Politics is another popular novelty wager and most bookies will feature a range of political events to bet on.  Most of these are outright bets which feature ante-post prices but as the political event gets closer punters can bet on various things such as who the next party leader will be, how many women ministers, the date of the next election, how many votes someone will win by and many more.  Just before the election is to take place these bets become very large and are also popular among those who enjoy live betting.

Novelty wagers have become very popular and attract a wide range of punters who are now able to place these wagers online.