Stone Age Slot

Stone Age Slot

Stone Age slot by Endorphina online casino software is a twenty paylines and five reel slot with a Stone Age theme. When loading in to the slot, the players are greeted with a picture of two Stone Age people. The first person is a woman. She has grown hair, a fur cloak, a bead necklace and is looking off into the distance. The second person is a male with long brown hair and a full beard. He has half of a fur cloak, a necklace made of bones and claws and is holding a large wooden spear with a carved stone tip. Below these two people is the name of the slot, Stone Age, written in red and flanked by two spears on each side. The art style in this slot is a stylised realistic style that adds a bit of edge and grit to the slot.

The player will immediately notice that this slot has a dynamic background. This is something that Endorphina has become known for. In the background, the player can see a cave wall with red paintings on it. Paintings include hunters and several animals. The floor of the save has stones scattered across it with cracks running throughout. The most interesting element of this background is the pulsating glow of the fires dancing on the wall. The player can also see sparks on their side of the reels being pushes towards the top of the cave. Finally, artistic elements which are coming off of the reels cast shadows on the wall. These elements include four spears, a long piece of leather and the long wooden pole that holds up the reels.

Paylines can be seen on the left and right of this slot and the number of paylines played can be adjusted in the bottom right corner of the slot. In the bottom left corner the player can adjust their total bet and in the top left corner they can adjust the credit denomination. This slot also has an auto spin button as well as a menu button.

Stone Age Slot Bonus Features

To activate the free spins bonus round, the player must land three of the scatter symbols anywhere on the screen. They will then be awarded with ten free spins.

There is also a gamble feature on this slot. The player can risk their recent win for a chance to double it if they can pick a higher card than the house is currently showing.

Stone Age Slot Symbols

Keeping with the theme, all of the symbols in Stone Age slot are based on elements of the Stone Age.  From least valuable to most valuable, they include a bone necklace, a cave painting of a horse, a cave painting of hunters, a stone dagger, bow and arrows, a stone axe, a female, a male and a mammoth.

These slots nz also has a scatter symbol. This scatter symbol is a round crest with a skull on top of it. This symbol also serves as the wild and can substitute for any of the normal symbols.