Origami slot Review

Origami Slot

Origami slot is a five reel and ten paylines slot by online casino software developer Endorphina. The theme for this slot, as players might have guessed, is origami.

Origami is actually the art of folding paper. It is mostly associated with Japanese culture but the word has really become a catch all for any type of paper folding art. The idea behind origami is for the practitioner to turn a normal, boring, flat piece of paper into a type of sculpture. This is achieved through different sculpting and folding techniques. It is often looked down upon for people practicing this art to use scissors or glue or to even make marks on the paper in order to make the process easier.

The background of Canadian online slots is a lined piece of notebook paper with several pieces of different coloured paper on top. There are also a few paperclips scattered about. To the left and right of the reels, in purple boxes, are the various paylines of the slot written in a white font. By scrolling over the boxes, the player can reveal where the paylines runs. This is shown with a crudely drawn purple line that goes from one side of the reels to the other.

Below, the players can make adjustments to their betting. Total bet starts at ten and goes all the way up to one thousand. This can be changed by pressing the up and down arrows located above and below the total bet display. The number of lines played can also be adjusted from one to ten by clicking the line display. In the top left corner the player can see their total credits remaining and by pressing the menu button in the bottom left corner they can learn more about slot symbol value as a well as origami slot bonus features.

Origami Slot Bonus Features

Players will notice that some of the bonus features they have become accustomed to, such as free spins, are not in this game. That does not mean that Origami slot does not have features worth taking a look at.

The first feature for this game is the cat multiplier. The cat multiplier is an orange cat that carries around random multipliers. He can appear at random under the reels in the main game and will multiply winnings by the multiplier he is carrying.

The second feature is a risk feature where players can double their money if they can pick a higher card than the dealer currently has displayed.

Origami Slot Symbols

Origami slot symbols are all specific to this slot in particular. There are no classic symbols used in this slot. The two lowest value symbols are the magic frog and the lady bug. The next symbols are the gold fish and bird.

The next symbol is the pink kitty followed by a green dog known as big lord. The most valuable symbol is a pinwheel which is made of blue, green, yellow and red coloured paper and appears to be spinning. There are no wilds or scatter symbols found in this game.