Mobile Slots – Discovering New Frontiers

With the staggering variety of mobile media devices available on the market today, it’s no surprise that game software developers have gone to town with the development of mobile-compatible online casino software.  With online gambling having boomed onto the casino scene, it was to be expected that mobile gambling would do the same.  Suffice to say, it surpassed all expectations.

The most obvious benefit of playing all of your favourite slot games in the mobile slot environment is the absolute mobility factor.  Players can join in the fun and spin all of their favourite reels wherever they may find themselves – during a break at the office, whilst commuting to work, even in bed.

Android Software Driven Mobile Slots

A great variety of online slot games have been re-developed in order to be compatible with the Android mobile operating system.  As soon as a player indicates that he or she intend to register an account by accessing the online casino site from an Android powered device, all of the online slot games available for play on the Android operating system will appear in view.  Players are instantly able to see which games are available for play on their particular mobile device.

Android is bigger than big on player safety and security, and players may relax in the fact that they are protected by sophisticated encryption software, tailor-made for online mobile use.  Mostly, the only requirement in order to run mobile slot games on an Android device is a functional internet connection.  Slot games for mobile devices are designed with the end-user in mind, and as such are not intensely graphics-heavy.  Players do not need state of the art mobile devices in order to play mobile casino games on Android.

Android supports all the bells and whistles enjoyed by players on conventional online computer systems.  Slot games include 3 reel, 5 reel and even progressive jackpot online mobile slot games.  Android is currently arguably the most popular platform from which to access mobile slot games, and as such players have access to a vast variety of slot games that have been compiled to run on Android-driven mobile devices.

iPhone And iPad Slots

Users of iPhones and iPads are notorious for expecting everything to function at a notch above the rest.  Developers of iPhone and iPad compatible mobile slot games have certainly kept this in mind.  The world of mobile technology is currently abuzz with new developments and immense progress, and users of iPhones and iPads are ahead of the line as far as being spoilt for choice goes.

Players accessing mobile casino sites from iPhones and iPads are able to play most mobile slot games for free or for real money – with the quality of free games in no way coming in second to that of their paid counterparts.  Free Spins, Bonus Games, Special Features – it’s all there.

The user-friendly nature of the iPhone is certainly a big plus when accessing mobile slot games.  iPhones are designed to include super-fast central processing units.  This lends itself to a streamlined playing experience, with little to no software bugs and hiccups.

iPad users generally love the all-in-one nature of the device.  The iPad is essentially a multi-media player, photo processing unit with camera and operating system all rolled into one.  iPads run on HTML5 software and are generally not compatible with instant flash media.  This does not pose a hefty problem.  It simply means that pre-play registration and download is generally required.

Kindle Compatible Slot Games

Kindle has successfully moved out of the e-reader stereotype box.  Besides being the best loved e-book reader on the market today, it also avails itself to a number of other multi-media functions, including that of a support system for online slots NZ games.

The Kindle device was originally designed with readers in mind – those who would be spending long hours staring at its screen.  With this in mind the creators of Kindle have placed a lot of emphasis on getting the lighting just right and minimising strain on the reader’s eyes.  Mobile slot players are now unexpectedly reaping the benefits of this.  Players are able to play mobile slot games for hours on end without feeling the familiar wear and tear on the eyes that is experienced on most other conventional and mobile devices.

Kindle is highly compatible with mobile slot games as far as software is concerned.  Mobile slot games are developed especially for Silk, Kindle’s very own answer to a web browser.  When accessing mobile slot games from a Kindle device, it’s usually necessary to play via the Kindle web portal.

Windows Mobile Slots

Windows mobile slot games are designed specifically with Windows users in mind.  The old familiarity of the Windows digital environment is hard to beat.  The Windows Mobile system is completely compatible with Flash Mode, enabling players to access all of their favourite mobile slot games in instant mode.  Instant mode implies that the download of mobile casino software is not necessary.  It’s basically all of the fun with none of the struggle.

Mobile slot games designed to run on Windows Mobile are typically games that are available for free play or for playing for real money.  Being able to play for free is specifically useful to new players trying to learn the ropes and become used to playing online instead of at a land-based casino.  Free play also aids in the process of becoming used to mobile technology as an alternative to conventional online computer systems.

Mobile games that run on the Windows Mobile system are designed specifically to be compatible with the Windows Operating System.  Most mobile slot games that are available for play on the Android Operating System is also available on the Windows Operating System.  When accessing mobile slot games from a Windows Mobile driven device, there can be no compatibility issues with games typically designed for online use, as these are all already accessible on the Windows Operating System.  Windows Mobile works on the same platform as Windows for computer systems, making the cross-over a painless one.